Emily is a cow that lives by the rule ‘fake it until you make it’
She doesn’t generally do anything badass but until you get to know her you truly believe she is a badass

Tammy is a panda who loves all things spooky. Ghosts, zombies you name it, she likes to spend time with the younger panda, Lee
No other reason why apart from she likes his company

Augustus the over emotional rabbit who likes to spend his time crying whilst watching movies
Though he’s not usually unhappy and his tears are usually those of glee

George is a dolphin that spaces out an awful lot, when uncomfortable he makes quiet clicking noises
He loves the colours yellow, pink and purple

Felix, a socially anxious frog that spends most of his time worrying about and analyzing his past actions
Luckily all his mates understand and take care of him when he gets over stressed


what do u mean u can’t slam dunk a young child on school property? D8<

fudge-butts drew jeromes mom and she was rly pretty n i wanted to art her face /)030(\

Zombie Fish

Zombie Fish

I really do love giraffes

I really gotta finish these

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